Enterprise intelligent agents A.I. automation workflow power to auto-handle 80% entry transactions solution across 5 industries venture beyond Alexa, Siri, assistant, Bixby

A.I.powered transactions

Personalized  and secure  Conversations per agent via Live Chat, SMS, Email originating from any of your widgets  with complete analytics and  context.

Personalized flow

Conversation Designer templates – automate simple queries like “status of the PO”, “Top 5 vendors”, “Send email to Cathy to request contract”

ERP/CRM automation

Our intelligent ageents drive answers via  natual language query to your back-end business system. Contact us for details

“What is the status of PO# 789-AFG?”

Virtual assistants securely query your systems and provide answers
Virtual assistants securely query your systems and provide answers

“Schedule a meeting with Jim Thursday morning”

Execute commands - Emails, appointments, document retrieval
Execute commands - Emails, appointments, document retrieval

“What are the top 5 opportunities in the pipeline report?”

Intelligent information - SMS, chat, Messenger
Intelligent information - SMS, chat, Messenger
  • Simplified Service Management

    Intelligent Agent (IA) takes requests from users and updates the respective system with all the information. It executes the workflow automatically and follows ITIL practices. No training is required nor is there a worry about lack of resources to manage or maintain.

  • Auto response & transaction system

    Responds to requests from multiple systems. Can handle any type of ETL requests for information extraction, modification requests and update request. Completes any setup or on-boarding in minutes. Manage across multiple apps. 

  • Cross system operations

    Works across any system or database. Performs requests irrespective of the system or software (patch management, incident management etc.) be it on the cloud or on premise, internal or external. IA automatically updates multiple products across your CRM, ERP, BI or other systems.

  • Workforce Collaboration

    Increases workforce collaboration. IA updates customers and internal teams ensuring constant communication. IA schedules follow up meetings upon completion for reviews or for standard deliverables. 

  • Modernize legacy systems

    The legacy processes can be executed or replaced with the IA. IA can work across finance or marketing or sales or supply chain organizations ensuring consistency across the organization.